Last updated: 10th December, 2021

Advertisers can trust InVue Labs to provide a brand-safe marketplace. With InVue Labs, we have multi-layered approaches to ensure campaigns are delivered safely and effectively. Below is an overview of the steps we’ve taken.

Verification Process for Publishers

Our first line of defense is the InVue Labs publisher team. Publishers may be approved as InVue Labs inventory sources only if they meet our strict terms and conditions.

Publishers are directly integrated with InVue Labs, and our Account Managers ensure the publisher's content meets our guidelines by monitoring the publisher's property.

A third-party rating system is used to identify sites with low credibility, in an effort to combat disinformation and hate speech.

Safeguarding brands

We apply third party verification tech filters to all campaigns we manage directly on behalf of our clients in order to identify and remove content deemed high-risk based on standard brand safety categories, including but not limited to: Adult, Crime, Terrorism, Injury and Death (including paired with information about epidemics and pandemics), Military Conflict, Online Piracy, Hate Speech, Obscene Content, Illegal Drugs, Alcohol.

Based on the brand's requirements, the level of brand safety protection can be strengthened to exclude lower risk content as well.

Additionally, to ensure brands are not exposed to inappropriate content, InVue Labs also provides custom brand safety solutions through third parties.

Independent Verification

For clients who want to confirm that impressions delivered by their campaigns are brand safe, InVue Labs allows the use of third-party verification tags and services

Policies on takedowns

As soon as InVue Labs receives written notification of a presumed brand safety breach (please contact your account manager), the misplaced ad will be removed within 24 hours local time.

We reserve the right to update this Brand Safety Policy at our discretion at any time.