Respecting User Privacy Through Contextual Targeting

Advertisements are contextually relevant in order to get users' attention, but they're also important when brands want to reach and target consumers. As privacy concerns increase, government regulations increase, and technology evolves, contextual targeting is the perfect solution.

A number of steps are being taken to protect user privacy in 2022, including removing third party cookies. Data collection by advertisers will be limited.

In the past, advertisers have relied heavily on third-party data sources to reach interested audiences outside of social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook and video platforms such as YouTube. In the future, this tactic will become even more difficult due to tightening privacy protections.

One solution will be context-based targeting. A brand can choose to appear next to news topics and publications that they are interested in. Without using personally identifiable information (PII) or cookies, brands can target article topics to reach consumers.